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Email marketing is by far the fastest, cheapest and easiest form of advertising and marketing open to business today. It is more cost effective and successful than traditional direct marketing methods. Direct email marketing to existing customers or permission-based email marketing lists can benefit your business in many ways.

We can create and send a HTML email marketing campaign that is targeted, focused, informative and personalized to a client's needs.

Depending on the size of the subscriber list and HTML complexity pricing could be as low as £105.00 per campaign.

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List Management

All signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints are all automatically handled. Keeping you on the right side of spam laws without even having to think about it.

Every email sent includes a single-click unsubscribe link and our preference centre feature lets your subscribers manage their own subscription.

Customized sign up and unsubscribe for each different list

We can provide you with as many different lists as you need for each of your campaigns.

Each list can have its own customized signup and unsubscribe process, with their own landing page and confirmation for new signups.


Autoresponders are a sequence of emails that can be automatically send to subscribers when a certain criteria is met.

  • When a new subscriber joins a list — Great for a welcome email or even a sequence of emails over time to new subscribers to a list.

  • The anniversary of a date — Perfect for special annual events like a subscriber's birthday or wedding anniversary. The year value is ignored and send this annually.

  • The exact match of a date — Ideal for one-off emails that need to be sent based on a specific subscriber's date, like a membership renewal reminder or a post purchase follow-up.

Campaign reports

The moment your campaign is sent you have access to a range of reports that show you exactly how your subscribers are interacting with it.

See who is opening it, what parts of the campaign they are interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, unsubscribed, bounced out or even marked it as spam.

Our reporting makes it easy to zoom right down to the subscriber level and see a timeline of exactly what they did with your email.

Take this a step further and see your lifetime history with that person. Which campaigns did they open, what links were they interested in, how many times have they forwarded my emails?

All this and more is at your fingertips for every subscriber in your account and is updated in real-time.

HTML email Q & A

How long should an email be?

As short as you can make it without making it ineffective. There are some companies sending very long and complex material in email form, but they are very rare.

The typical length for a content-heavy newsletter (as opposed to an invitation or simple notice) is two to three screens' worth.

Should I put the full articles in the email, or just teasers and links to the site?

If shorter is better, linking to the full article online is often the way to go. If you have expansive content, putting it all in the email will be overwhelming. On the other hand, if you can write a shorter version, or carry your point across in a few paragraphs, you could save your reader time by giving them everything they need without having to leave the eMail.

How often should I send emails?

As always there is no single answer, but a recent survey found that 73% of respondents cited "sending too frequently" as the main reason for opting out of an email mailing list. Conversely, email that's too infrequent risks subscribers forgetting they ever signed up.

What is the best time to send?

Endless theories have been proposed and tested about the perfect time to send an email campaign. Studies have been unhelpful. because the mystical perfect day and time seems to shift unpredictably from one study to the next.

Of course you also need to consider your content and your audience; some types of content will lend themselves to a Monday morning arrival, others a lazy Sunday afternoon. The only really useful answer to this question is, "Try a few different times and see what works best for you."

Is it okay to buy or rent an email list?

Generally, no it isn't. Although there are services and products that claim to have fully opt-in and up-to-date databases, you have no real way of confirming that. Most email service providers and anti-spam systems take a very dim view of purchased email lists. The risk is too high, and the chance of success to low to bother with.

What is a good open rate?

This is yet another question for which there is no simple answer. There is such enormous variation between industries, companies, and recipient lists that overall statistics are unhelpful. Very broadly a typical range is 20-40% of the subscriber list.

The benefits of outsourcing your email delivery

Many clients wonder what benefits we can offer them, and whether they could do it in-house themselves. Below we will cover the major benefits of using us to send and manage your eMail campaigns for you

Easily measure the success of your campaigns

If you know who opened your emails, who bounced and who unsubscribed, you can start to understand who your audience really is, and what they are interested in.

For every one of your campaigns, we automatically create reports that are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Automatically updated
  • simple to share with other people

Save Time

What administrative work? sending the email might not take too long (although it may crush your mail system internally!). It's dealing with the results of your campaign that can eat up your time.


  • Subscribe and unsubscribe requests — every time you send a campaign, some people are likely to want to be deleted from the list. It may only take a minute or two to deal with, but if you need to stop what you are doing and switch tasks, it adds up very quickly. and what happens if you miss one and send to that person again?

People can unsubscribe instantly from any email they receive, and your list of subscribers is updated automatically.

  • Dealing with bounced emails — For any given campaign, you might expect up to 10% of the emails to be bounced back to you. That could be hundreds or thousands of emails you need to handle somehow.

Are they permanent bounces? Then should you remove them from your list? Or do you need to resend the email to them?

Hard bounces are instantly removed, and your campaigns automatically re-sent to addresses which soft bounce.

  • Dealing with spam complaints — Sometimes people forget that they signed up for your emails, and hit the spam button, if so they are instantly removed from your list, ensuring they do not receive any more email.

Improve your deliverability

Your email campaign can only succeed if your recipients are actually able to read it. Using us to send your campaigns can have a big impact on the number of people receiving the emails.

  • Whitelisting and feedback loops — Our partner have relationships with major ISPs like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and many more that mean our mail servers are recognized as legitimate senders of bulk email, so your campaigns have a much greater chance of being delivered.

  • Monitoring of blacklists — Blacklisting services are continually checked to make sure our servers are not being listed, something which is time consuming and complex to do for your own servers

  • Specialized network of mail servers — our mail servers optimise email delivery for particular recipient mail systems, throttling the speed of delivery to match acceptable levels for each system.

Advanced options and features

  • Personalization — Custom fields are used to adapt your emails for individual subscribers
  • Segmentation — Send focused emails to subsets of your full lists
  • Powerful import and export — Your subscriber lists can be bulk imported or exported out of the system at any time
  • Archive your campaigns — Easily display your previous campaigns on your website

Secure, reliable and supported

Your valuable subscriber information and campaign details are kept safe in our data centres. With biometric security, uninterruptible power supplies and environmental control units, our partners physical security and reliability is state of the art.

Our partners keep your data backed up and duplicated across their network at all times. Their hardware is completely redundant, meaning that even if one disk or server fails, nothing will be lost and the system will stay up.

Focus on your customers

You could use your own email client, or some other in-house tool to add your subscribers and deal with unsubscribe requests and bounces from bad emails all day.
But by using us as your email service provider, it lets you avoid the mundane administrative work and frees up your time to concentrate on serving your customers.